Community Organized Support & Prevention (COSP)


Males (12-17)

Youthreach is a crime prevention initiative program. Eligible youth may be experiencing difficulty at home or school and may be displaying anti-social behaviour such as petty acts of vandalism and theft. Youth may also be socializing with a negative peer group, experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs or may be at risk of committing an offence. Life skills and self-development are the focus of this program. Youthreach is aimed at enhancing the lives of our youths. There is no cost for this program as it is funded by The United Way of Quinte.

What did you like about the SEED/Youthreach program?

“1. Crafts, 2. Learning experiences, 3. Information and lessons learned”

“The craft and peer pressure session. Thank you for coming and letting me learn.”

“How comfortable I felt in the room.”

“I really enjoyed this program. I think it really brought us together. I learned a lot and was comfortable here. You made it a lot of fun and I’m glad I’m here.”

“Videos, food, bullying [sessions], power-point”

“Watching ‘Mouse’ [Peer Pressure, Making Good Choices video resource], and other things.”

“That there were other people here.”


What did you learn about yourself while in the SEED/Youthreach program?

“1. That I can handle my anger and control it, 2. That I know the dangers of an unhealthy relationship –both intimate and not, 3. That I am important and I am loved.”

“I learned that I am beautiful no matter what people say.”

“I learned that I am in a non-abusive relationship.”

“That I am unique in my own way. I am somebody and I am loved. I am beautiful and should feel good in my own skin. I’m me.”

The following topics will include:

  • Time Management & Goal Setting
  • Anger Awareness & Conflict Resolution
  • Bullying & Peer Pressure
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Effective Communication & Healthy Relationships
  • Drug & Alcohol Use/Addiction
  • Social Media Safety


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