Community Organized Support & Prevention (COSP)

Positive Alternative Student Support (PASS)


  • An on-site, temporary classroom like setting
  • A safe, structured learning environment that is supervised
  • A program that supports students who may be at risk


  • To support students working toward positive outcomes, academically and behavioural
  • To increase students insight into responsible behavior
  • To develop life skills using a cognitive behavioural approach
  • To enhance the student’s self-esteem through achievement
  • To avoid an interruption in a student’s education by working on assignments provided by their school
  • To support an Action Plan designed to address behaviours associated with the reason for the referral

About the program

  • For students 12-17
  • Can be referred by their school, parent/guardians, counselors, social workers or Probation Officers
  • Students can be referred to PASS for up to 20 days
  • Parental consent is required
  • Class runs from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday to Friday with the exception of statutory holidays and PA days.
  • Students work independently on assignments provided by their teachers.
  • The student may also work on life skill packages related to the reason of the referral.
  • One to one assistance and support is provided by a qualified Educational Assistant
  • To support re-entry into the school setting

Program Expectations

  • follow the same code of conduct as in the schools
  • arrive at PASS by 8:30 am and stay until dismissal at 12:30 pm, Monday to Friday
  • students apply themselves in order to be successful in all tasks and assignments
  • cell phones will be turned off upon arrival
  • no contraband in class such as cigarettes or lighters