Community Organized Support & Prevention (COSP)

Attendance Centre



The Community Organized Support & Prevention (C.O.S.P.) in partnership with Prince Edward Corrections Advisory Board (P.E.C.A.B.) is offering youth in Hastings and Prince Edward County the opportunity to attend a non-residential Attendance Centre. Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, youth can receive up to 240 hours within a six month period as a condition of their probation.

Attendance Centres support a sentencing option for judges in providing an alternative to custody for youth who have been found guilty of an offence (s). All clients are referred to QUINTAC via their Probation Officer (Case Manager) and are willing to address those factors identified as offending behaviour. Together, an Individual Program Plan is developed with emphasis on prioritizing the strengths and needs of each client.

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services promotes “evidence based” programs deemed effective in counseling youth. These programs reflect the strengths and criminogenic factors identified by a Risk/Need Assessment. QUINTAC staff has been trained to facilitate these programs either on a one-to-one basis or in group. Staff includes a Program Coordinator/Facilitator, a full-time and part-time Program Facilitator.

Programs include but will not be limited to:

  1. Anger Awareness and Interpersonal and Problem Solving – developed by Dr. Linda Baker
  2. Cognitive Behavioural Intervention with Youth – developed by W. Creighton Youth Services
  3. Commitment to Change: Errors In Thinking by Dr. Samenow
  4. Cultural Awareness – Aboriginal focused.
  5. Discovering Life Skills – EG. “I Want to Work” YWCA developed
  6. Eyes Wide Open – Violence Awareness Program
  7. Fear…The Anger Trigger
  8. First Contact: Youth Drugs and Mental Health
  9. Leisure and Recreation (YMCA membership)
  10. Literacy and Tutorials – “Teach Your Children Well”
  11. Safe Dates – An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Curriculum
  12. Young Women’s Lives – Building Self-Awareness for Life
  13. Young Men’s Work – Stopping Violence and Building Community
  14. Grief and Loss
  15. The Costs of Theft
  16. Anger 101

We are proud to be one of 29 Attendance Centres across Ontario. Our goal is to work with youth and our community partners in an attempt to reduce the recidivism rate of youth crime. We will strive for excellence in our approach with every client as a means of attaining this goal.